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RH Cleaning Services is owned by Ria Holahan. She was in the Royal Navy for 14 years as a Medic and you can imagine how strict the cleaning regime was onboard ship. Thankfully, our cleaners have advanced somewhat from scrubbing everything with a toothbrush, but you’ll find we still adhere to those high Royal Navy standards when we clean your home, bringing you military grade, bespoke cleaning at a competitive price.
We offer tailored cleaning with no cutting corners and attention to even the tiniest of details. We won’t just give your home or office a sparkling clean, but cushions will also be plumped and rugs will be straightened. It’s all about those little touches that really make for a gorgeous, tidy and clean finish.
Ria left the Royal Navy to have a family and now has two very cute children who are as mischievous as a bagful of monkeys, so you know she’s used to dealing with jam handprints on the windows, crayon on the wallpaper and sticky finger marks absolutely everywhere! So if you’d like our team to come and remove your own collection of sticky finger marks, give us a call!
Ria started RH Cleaning Services to use the skills she learned in the Royal Navy to help people, and we want to give you that wonderful moment when you come home, the house looks fantastic, and all you have to do is relax, rather than start again with the mop and bucket.
We offer everything from a regular standard clean to a one off deep clean. We cover domestic and office cleaning, as well as a thorough builder’s clean when you’ve had work done, or an end of tenancy clean when you’re moving, to ensure you get your deposit back.
No job is too big or too small and we aim to have everything in your home or office ship shape and Bristol fashion in no time!


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